Meet Hollie


Well, hello there! Of all the places you could be, I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Hollie and when I was little I wanted to be a lawyer. I even graduated with degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science. I never dreamed I’d have a career as a photographer. In fact, I haven’t always been “the girl with the camera”. At the end of 2009, I enrolled in a photography class at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond because I wanted a hobby. I was hooked, but I had no idea a photography business was in my future.

When my son was born, I wanted to photograph every tiny detail of him. I didn’t want to miss a moment and I was tired of my photos being lackluster, so I set my camera to manual and never looked back. I photographed my son daily as practice and I found so much joy in sharing my images with others. I started doing sessions for family and friends and realized it was an even greater joy to share with others images of the people that meant the most to them.

Once I started photographing couples and weddings, I knew that’s where I wanted my focus to be! So often in photography, people get caught up in the poses, and the images don’t speak to who they are as individuals or as a couple. I make it a point to reveal both who and how you really are with each other. Soft touches, light-as-air shoulder kisses, and playful giggles are tiny, breathtaking visual representations of your love for each other! You feel your love, but I let you see it.

My approach to each session is to bring out natural smiles and real emotions to create organic images that reflect your love for one another. I strive to create an experience that’s romantic, fun, and memorable. My main aspiration is to capture couples during some of the happiest events of their lives – whether it’s an engagement, wedding, or maternity session. With marriage, and life, comes tragedies and triumphs and I hope that my images see you through both.



I’m the wife of a fireman, mummy to my kind-hearted, blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy, and companion to my 100-pound chocolate lab. I like to travel, I love to learn and the most enjoyable part of my life is seeing my little guy experience new things!



I’m a foodie – hopelessly addicted to sushi, pho, and gourmet cupcakes! And, I can’t forget watermelon! My favorite food of all time! I despise the crunch of a raw onion, and hate the smell of both garlic and vanilla. I’m brand-loyal and will save to invest in the brands I believe in. Speaking of brands, I’m a Mac through and through. I adore all things pretty and love decorating. Fonts, light, and muted tones inspire me. I own far too many perfumes. I’m obsessed with all things Parisian and dream of living there someday.